Do you have allergies or a compromised immune system? Are you concerned about how indoor air quality affects your family’s health? Here are four reasons to consider adding UV lighting to your HVAC system.

Improves Airflow

Adding UV lighting to your HVAC system helps to reduce microbial buildup on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces, keeping your entire HVAC system working like new. By eliminating contaminants such as biofilm growth, and other organic materials, heat exchange and airflow are dramatically improved. Other benefits include improving air quality, reduction in overall maintenance, and reducing energy use.

Reduces Energy Consumption

By adding UV lighting to your HVAC system, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 percent. UV lighting itself doesn’t conserve any energy. However, it restores the system’s performance to optimal levels which helps to save you money.

Cost-Effective Investment

A UV lighting device helps your system clean itself, which is why they’re cost-effective for home and business owners. A number of factors contribute to their effectiveness including:

  • The Intensity and Number of UV Lamps Installed
  • Placement and Direction
  • The Reflectivity of Surrounding Surfaces
  • Home’s Temperature and Humidity Levels

Contact a local AC service and repair company to evaluate whether your home is the right candidate for adding a UV light and to reduce sicknesses in your house.

Reduces Disease Transmission

Reducing disease transmission is the primary benefit of UV lighting in your heating and cooling unit, which keeps your family healthier. Your central heating and air conditioning are designed to circulate the air. The downside is that it can also circulate airborne bacteria and viruses. UV lighting kills pathogens and other microorganisms that would normally thrive in the system.

Benefits of Adding UV Lighting to Your HVAC System

The use of UV Lighting in your cooling and heating unit prevents or eliminates the buildup of any type of organic material on the system’s drain pipes, cooling coils, and interior ductwork. It not only improves airflow, but also reduces maintenance costs, improves air quality, and could boost your home’s value.

Simply, it’s a smart, healthy option that makes sense no matter how you look at it.

Are you ready to have your home evaluated for adding a UV light to an existing unit or an HVAC replacement? Call Advantage Air & Service at (479) 361-8647. We care about the air you breathe and specialize in improving indoor air quality.