3 Furnace Sounds That Could Mean Danger

3 Furnace Sounds That Could Mean Danger

All mechanical systems create some noise when running, and your furnace isn’t an exception. However, when your unit starts producing spooky sounds, it means one thing—TROUBLE!

Whether the sound is loud or soft, you’d want to investigate it before the extremely cold winter. Discover these three (3) furnace sounds that may spell danger for you and your family in Harrison, AR.

High-Pitched Screeching/Squealing

Have you heard screeching sound somewhere in the house only to find out it’s from your furnace? The cause of this sound is most likely dirty or worn-out motor, or damaged blower belts. This noise is caused by loose bearings or moving parts that touch each other while running.

When these parts aren’t working efficiently, your furnace won’t be able to circulate warm air throughout your home. The troubleshooting that you can do is simply lubrication, repair, or replacement of parts (if they’re severely damaged). But, this means that you will have to stop using your furnace in the meantime. Let the pros inspect your unit and identify the best solution to get rid of that annoying screeching sound.

Booming/Banging Sound

Does the noise you hear sound like a gunshot? A furnace that emits a booming or banging sound is almost always an indication of a dirty burner. It may look like a small issue, but over time, it can be pretty dangerous.

As dirt continues to accumulate on the burner assembly, it will delay the ignition—causing the gas to build up or explode when the burner finally ignites. Well, we’re not saying that your furnace will blow up, but it may happen under the worst conditions. Contact your trusted HVAC technician in Harrison, AR to take a look at this issue.

Clanking/Scraping Noise

A clanking noise resembles a metal-against-metal sound, and the cause of this issue is a broken or malfunctioning blower wheel. If the damage isn’t serious, then repair should be easy and quick. The moment you noticed this sound, make sure to turn off your heater immediately and wait for a technician to inspect your system.

This winter, your furnace should give you a good night’s sleep—not wake you up at night because of these odd sounds. Contact us at Advantage Air & Service to schedule an appointment with our heating specialists. We’ll diagnose your furnace, determine the causes of these sounds, and find the best solution to ensure your comfort and safety.