In a market full of options, many experts agree that variable speed technology is one of the top choices in HVAC equipment because of its ability to vary its operating speed. A variable-speed fan motor offers big advantages when choosing the system that’s right for you.

What is a Variable-Speed Fan Motor?

Its name says it all! A variable-speed fan motor is a fan that can vary or modify its operating speed.

How is that different than other motors?

Other conventional HVAC motors are one-stage systems and two-stage systems. One-stage units only operate with two options: full capacity or off while the two-stage system performs only offer one additional option: full-capacity, partial-capacity, and off.

Variable speed technology operates at several different levels. It can incrementally increase or decrease power depending on what’s required to maintain desired indoor temperatures.

It also differs in that the variable-speed fan motor rarely operates at full capacity. Though they can run at 100%, once up and running, they tend only to work at half-speed. That means they use less power and cut down your utility bills.

The advantages don’t stop there! Check out these five other benefits.

5 Benefits of a Variable-Speed Fan

When stacked up against the one and two-stage systems, the variable speed technology offers you a step up in both comfort and performance.

Saves Energy and Money

The variable-speed motor operating at half-speed uses approximately one-eighth of the energy it takes to power the same motor at full speed for an hour.

Better Temperature Control

Variable speed technology works to create a more tailored temperature inside your home. By varying in smaller increments, it’s much easier to reach the desired temperature and maintain it. And, it doesn’t have to kick on and off every few minutes to keep it there.

Here are some other reasons why your unit may be cycling fast.

Control Humidity

The variable-speed motor runs longer cycles, which helps it to better control the humidity in the home.

Improved Air Quality

The longer cycles allow for more air to pass through the central heating and cooling unit’s air filter resulting in cleaner air. You may have to change the filter more frequently, but it’s worth the little extra hassle to breathe better.

Is it Worth the Cost?

The initial HVAC system installation cost is steeper than the more common one or two-stage units. However, with the money saved on operating and energy costs, you can offset the price tag thought the life of the system.

Choosing the right heating and air conditioning isn’t solely about the cost. It’s also about comfort. The variable-speed fan can offer you more comfort which makes it an excellent choice for your home.

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