Emergency Cooling Tips to Beat the Heat

Nothing in your house affects your comfort more than your heating a cooling system. So when there’s no power, the heat can quickly become oppressive. Whether your waiting for a local AC service and repair company because of a breakdown or the power goes out in the hottest part of the summer, staying cool until help arrives is critical. Here are some emergency cooling tips to help you survive the heat.

Use ALL Available Fans

Stagnant air will make it feel hotter. Turn on the air conditioning fan if you still have power to the system. It may not push cold air, but it will keep the air circulating until the AC replacement service arrives and make you feel cooler.

Also, use ceiling fans, or standing fans if you have them are effective emergency cooling tips.

Avoid Using Heat Producing Items

In the case of an HVAC breakdown, refrain from using any electric or heat-producing devices such as doing laundry or cooking. Both will create unwanted moisture in the air. Also, avoid turning on electronics such as TVs and game systems.

Take Cool Baths and Showers

Cool baths and showers are commonly overlooked in emergency cooling tips. Make sure the water temperature is lukewarm. Downright cold water can create shock and cause problems for people with certain health problems.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows may sound counterintuitive to keeping the heat at bay, but in the case of no power to the unit or a power outage, any amount of air flow is good. A closed up house can become like an oven and increase chances of heat-related illnesses.

Another way to cool down the air in the house is with wet sheets hung over the windows. This method goes all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Keep the Body Cool

Drink plenty of cool drinks, wear loose clothing, and keep activities restful. The less you have to move around the better. Also, keep some spray bottles in the refrigerator to mist yourself to cool down.

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Help Arrives

Peak summer temperatures aren’t going away yet and you rely on your AC to keep you comfortable. The last thing you want to hassle wit is a breakdown. But, if it does, you want the quickest response time to get you back up and running.

Advantage Air & Service is known for our quick response. One of the most important jobs we do for our customers is emergency air conditioning repair. We are the help you need.