5 Quick & Easy Tips to Clean Up Your Indoor Air

5 Quick & Easy Tips to Clean Up Your Indoor Air


Your indoor air gets even worse during the summer. While you’re enjoying the comfort provided by your cooling system, your indoor air quality may be compromised at some point.

What can you do to ensure quality indoor air this warm season? Check out these five (5) easy tips for clean air indoors.

Take Advantage of Air Purifiers

One way to improve your IAQ is to limit the growth and dispersion of air pollutants by using an air purifier. It filters and blocks existing contaminants and dirt in the air to ensure breathable air for everyone at home. Get air purifier with HEPA filter for greater efficacy. You might also want to add some houseplants to help purify the air naturally.

Maintain a Clean Floor

Cleaning the floor should be on your to-do chores at home. Vacuum regularly and place doormats on all entrances to lessen the dirt going inside the house. Invest in a microfiber mop to keep your floors extra clean and protected.

Improve Ventilation

With poor ventilation, you are more prone to airborne toxins that can damage your health and affect your indoor comfort. If you are looking to improve ventilation, then installing trickle vents can be a permanent fix. Trickle vents allow the passage of fresh air into your home while eliminating contaminated air outside. Although a bit expensive, they can make a tremendous difference to your indoor air quality.

Clean/Replace Your HVAC Filters

Nothing is more effective in keeping a healthy indoor air than having a clean air filter. Change the filters when necessary. If you’ve failed to maintain the filters, dust and dirt will continue to circulate throughout your home, polluting your indoor air.

Eliminate Toxic Products

Airborne toxins may come from different sources, including your cleaning products, carpet, bedding, furniture, and paint. Keeping a clean HVAC filter is no use if you have several chemical-laden products at home. Remove these products and replace them with natural-based alternatives instead. By doing this, you can reduce your exposure to indoor toxins and pollution.

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