7 Expert Tips To Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

7 Expert Tips To Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

By taking a few A/C preparation steps, you can prevent troublesome system failures later on. To ensure consistent comfort throughout the summer while keeping your cooling costs in check, here are tips to prepare your air conditioner for the long hot season.

Check the Filters and Change If Necessary

There’s no dispute on how important a clean and well-maintained A/C filter is to your health and comfort. The filters in your air conditioning system strain all debris, dust, pollens, and allergens present in your indoor air. If they are clogged with dirt, your A/C may fail to perform efficiently. Don’t forget about changing your filters once every three months or as indicated in your user’s manual.

Free Your Condenser From All Blockages

Leaves, debris, and vines can hinder proper airflow and affect the performance of your outdoor unit. With this, you want to make sure that it’s clear of any obstructions. Keep a safe space for the condenser to breathe and do its job appropriately.

Inspect the Ducts for Damages and Leaks

Don’t let the cool air escape through duct leaks. Before the summer takes its toll, you should have checked your ductwork and sealed the leaks for better comfort. Duct sealing ensures that the conditioned air goes to where it’s supposed to be going.

Examine the Electrical Wirings

Electrical issues on air conditioners are common, especially for systems that aren’t properly maintained. When dealing with any electrical-related stuff, it’s important to contact a certified electrician to check for faulty, loose, or damaged wirings and work on the problem.

Turn It On and See If it’s Working

Let your A/C run for 15 minutes or more to know if it’s in good working condition. Look for anything amiss or odd in the system like unusual sound or smell. Most importantly, check if your A/C can cool all parts of your home.

Set Your Thermostat

Before turning on your air conditioner, don’t forget about setting your thermostat at the right temperature. Consider using a programmable or smart thermostat for more convenience and lesser energy bills.

Contact the Experts for Tune-Up

The best way to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency of your cooling system is to schedule a tune-up service. A simple fine-tuning of your A/C before the peak season can save you from costly repairs and surprise breakdowns.

With a few upkeep actions, you’re sure that your A/C is all set for the long sizzling months. If you need help in maintaining your air conditioning system in Harrison, AR, give us a call at Advantage Air & Service. We’ll be glad to lend a hand!