Are you planning for an HVAC replacement? It’s a great time to educate yourself about the new HVAC technology that’s available. Doing your homework can save you money and provide for better comfort in your home or business.

7 New HVAC Technology Options

Improved Refrigerants

Out with the old, and in with the new. Old R22 refrigerant (also known as Freon) heating and cooling systems are being phased out by the EPA because it has caused damage to the Earth’s ozone layer. Now is a great time to replace any outdated units. After January 2020, the R22 air conditioner can no longer be repaired, only replaced. The new HVAC technology uses friendlier refrigerants.

Higher Energy Efficiency

What is your SEER rating? Units built and installed 10-15 years ago carried SEER ratings around 9 to 10. However, those units lose efficiency over time which means you are operating around a 7 or 8 today.

Today, SEER ratings range from 13 (lowest efficiency) to 25+ (highest efficiency). Consider replacing your house HVAC system with a central HVAC system with a SEER rating of 16. You’ll significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

Better Fans

Older AC handler fans only have one speed, full blast. However, the new HVAC technology systems use the variable-speed fan. These new fans can run at lower speeds on cooler days and only runs at higher speeds when needed on the hotter days. What that means to you is less noise and decreased summer bills.

Superior Compressors

Most older systems have a single-stage compressor that is only “on” or “off.” Plus, they tend to be noisy, don’t control humidity, and use more electricity.

Today, choose from a few of the new HVAC technology compressors.

Zoning for Better Comfort

Inconsistent heating and cooling is an issue with larger homes and businesses. New HVAC technology solves this problem by creating independently controlled zones. VRF systems can provide heat and cool simultaneously to different areas within your space.

Reduced Noise

Old units can be loud. But, because of new HVAC technology such as quieter compressors, variable speed fans, and insulated ducts, replacing your old unit with a new one means a more peaceful space for you.

Better Diagnostics

Get decrease downtimes and better diagnostics if something does go wrong. Today, computers control central heating and cooling systems. This new HVAC technology allows your ac service and repair company to connect to the equipment and better diagnose the issue. In some cases, they can adjust it remotely.

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