Summer heat is on its way. It’s time to make a game plan to save energy this summer and avoid high electric bills. Here are nine ways you can offset expenses during the season’s rising temps.

Switch to Low Flow

Water usage typically increases in the summer months. Install low-flow water fixtures on showerheads, faucets, toilets, and outdoor sprinkler systems.

Also, keep outdoor watering costs down by only watering in the early morning or at dusk. Water absorption is higher when not at peak daytime temperatures.

Wash and Rinse in Cold Only

Here’s a real money saver that could save you up to $200 annually. Switch to washing and rinsing your clothes with cold water only.

Maintain Your Refrigerator

Save energy this summer by maintaining your refrigerator properly.  Also, keep the thermostat set between 35 and 38 degrees for the fridge, and 0 and 5 degrees for the freezer.

Keep the Blinds Closed and Seals Checked

Keep the blinds closed in the daytime. It will keep your rooms from heating up during peak temps. Also, keep warm air out by adding weather stripping to your doors and windows.

Use Box, Stand, or Ceiling Fans

Buying fans for your home is a smart and small investment that can help reduce energy costs. Using fans in your home means you can raise the thermostat setting about four degrees and maintain your comfort level. Remember to turn them off when you’re not in the room. Fans aren’t intended to cool the room, only the people in it.

Optimize the Thermostat Setting

Optimize your thermostat setting and save up to ten percent each year in energy costs. Every degree you raise your thermostat above 72 degrees saves you up to 3% of your cooling expenses with 78 degrees being the recommended for optimal savings.

Also, consider a programmable thermostat so you can keep it a warmer temperature when the home or business is empty.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Do you want to take your energy savings to the next level? Get an upgrade.

Keeping your home heated and cooled accounts for nearly half of the energy you use in your home. Invest in a high-efficiency air conditioner that will save you money in the long run. Look for Energy Star certified systems that have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).

At the very least, schedule to have seasonal maintenance completed on your Central HVAC system to get the most out of the current central HVAC system you have.

Read here for more information about SEER and EER ratings.

Save Energy This Summer with Advantage Air & Service

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