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AC Filter replacement in Harrison

Over time, your A/C air filters will get dirty with regular use and various elements that get into it. That is why it is important to know when you should get them cleaned or replaced.

While certain filters can be cleaned, some can only be replaced, such as HEPA filters, UV light filters, etc. Some filters also differ on the frequency of replacing or cleaning. Some should be replaced at least once a month, and some after every three months.

Signs You Need To Have A/C Filter Replacement Service

So, how can you tell that your A/C air filter needs to be replaced? Our team at Advantage Air & Service listed the top five (5) signs you must have immediate A/C filter replacement service in Harrison, AR. Read on to know more.

1. A/C Unit Constantly Malfunctions

If you neglect to have your A/C filters replaced on time, loads of problems will occur. This includes the following:

  • A/C not blowing cold air
  • Warm air coming from the back of your A/C
  • Overheating of your A/C unit
  • Ice formation in your A/C coils

The problems above will take a huge blow on the efficiency of your unit. It can also lead to a total system breakdown and may leave permanent damage to your A/C unit. That is why it is important to have prompt and regular A/C filter replacement service in Harrison, AR.

2. Accumulation of Dirt on Air Vents

If you have a dirty A/C air filter, it will be noticeable around the air vents as dust and dirt will begin to accumulate. This happens because as your filter gets clogged with dirt, it will begin to release its dirt into the air vents of your system.

Although a dirty air filter does not necessarily mean it is causing dust and dirt accumulation in air vents, it is still a good idea to check if your filters need changing.

3. Frequent Allergy Attacks

The primary role of air filters is to keep harmful pollutants out from circulating through your home. However, when your filters get too dirty, instead of preventing contaminants from circulating, they do the opposite.

All the pet danders, dirt, dust, pollens, and other harmful contaminants will start to invade your indoor air, which leads to allergy attacks. If you want to keep your family healthy and safe, regularly have an A/C filter replacement service in your Harrison, AR, home.

4. A Rise in Utility Bills

A clogged and dirty A/C filter impedes proper airflow, which causes your cooling system to work twice harder. A dirty air filter will also start to affect the cooling coils of your A/C, leading to the ineffectiveness of your unit to keep the indoor air cool.

At this point, it will all lead to the consumption of more energy due to added pressure on your system to keep the temperature cool. The more energy usage, the higher the bills will be.

  1. The A/C Filter is Dirty

If you notice that your air filters are dirty, it is probably time to replace them even if they are still way behind their service life. Several factors affect the condition of your filters, such as the quality of the air they filter, if you have pets, the size of the room, etc. It is a no-brainer move; when it is dirty, replace them—that easy.

Do You Want A Healthy Indoor Air? Have Your A/C Filter Replacement Service in Harrison, AR Today!

We know that air filters are important components of your A/C unit as they can significantly affect the efficiency of your unit. That is why our team at Advantage Air & Service recommends replacing your air filter regularly.

When it comes to air filter replacement matters, you can count on us. We will help you find the right filter for your cooling system and install it right away. Contact us today at 479-361-8647 or visit us online to learn more.