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AC Maintenance Harrison, AR

Just like any other appliance, your A/C unit will also need regular maintenance service. Having timely air conditioner tune-ups will ensure that your unit will operate smoothly, effectively, and efficiently all year long.

Regular A/C maintenance service in Harrison, AR reduces the pressure on your cooling system, improving its life expectancy and preventing frequent repair needs.

Top A/C System Maintenance Checklist

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry! Our team at Advantage Air & Service will provide you the step-by-step process on your A/C maintenance journey. So, read on and follow our A/C maintenance checklist.

Keep your condenser unit clean.

Your condenser unit is more prone to get blocked or clogged. So, regularly check your outdoor unit and make sure that it’s clear from objects, such as grass, twigs, debris, leaves, etc.

Maintain at least two feet of clearance between your outdoor unit and wall to secure proper airflow.

Clean the evaporator coil of your A/C.

Locate your evaporator coil inside the air handler where the blower fan is and start to dust off by using a delicate brush. You can also use a no-rinse coil cleaner to make things easier.

If you’re having trouble cleaning your evaporator coils, it’s best to leave it to a professional A/C maintenance technician in Harrison, AR, to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Clean the interior of your A/C unit.

Check your A/C for potential issues. You can manually remove leaves, twigs, etc., while you can vacuum out the dirt and dust within the interior. You can also clean the fins by using a vacuum.

Important reminder: don’t use a garden hose to wash the interior of your A/C unit.

Inspect your A/C drain line.

After the condensation process, water will start to drip into a drain pan and then into a drain tube. Over time, this will be a breeding ground for algae and other muck that can cause clogging on the A/C drain line.

When this happens, you can use a shop vac to clear the drain tube. It would help if you also seal the end of the vacuum to drain the tube out to clear a clog properly. Or you can always call a professional A/C maintenance technician in Harrison, AR, to easily address your problem.

Clean the drain pan.

You can use a mixture of hot water and soap to clean your drain pan. It’s worth noting also to try a water-bleach mixture as it keeps your drain clear of algae and molds.

Replace your A/C air filter.

Air filters keep your indoor air safe and healthy. It filters out dust, dirt, and other harmful pollutants from going through the air. However, a clogged air filter will, unfortunately, do the opposite. It will return all the pollutants that are trapped in the filter.

A clogged filter will also reduce the efficiency of your unit because of the added strain, leading to costly energy bills and early wear and tear. It’s best to have your filters replaced monthly to have healthy indoor air.

Schedule A/C maintenance service.

It’s important to have a regular A/C maintenance service if you want to keep your A/C unit in tip-top shape. This will ensure that your unit will run effectively and efficiently. It will also prevent any potential issues in the future.

Hire only a certified and experienced A/C maintenance contractor in Harrison, AR  to have quality results.

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