Boiler Vs. Furnace: Which Heats Your Home Better?

Boiler Vs. Furnace: Which Heats Your Home Better?


Are you looking to install a new heater for your home in Harrison, AR and the nearby areas? About 42% of residential utility bills come from heating systems, it’s important to choose the system that best suits your comfort needs.

Discover which of these two heating titans is suitable for your home. Keep reading!


Boilers are sealed containers that convert water to heat by using oil, electricity, or natural gas as fuel source. The heated water travels through your home as either hydronic heat or steam.


A boiler heats a space using a fuel source to heat up the water inside the container. Through radiant floor systems or radiators, the steam or heated water is transferred to your home as warm air. When the steam condenses, or the water cools down, it travels back to the boiler to be reheated. The process continues until your home meets its desired temperature.


Run by either propane, electricity, or gas as a fuel source, furnaces work in heating a space in either single-stage or two-stage system. Understanding how they work can help you troubleshoot any issue and avoid expensive service in the long run.

A furnace heats your home by allowing the fuel to go to the burner, thus igniting the pilot light. Once ignited, it will start to heat the burner. The latter then heats the exchanger which warms your indoor air. The heated air is distributed throughout the house via the ductwork.


Furnaces and boilers offer unique benefits and disadvantages that you want to look at before shopping for a new heating system. When comparing these two, the first thing to consider is the price. Although furnaces are less expensive, the running cost of boilers is much lesser over time, helping you save on your heating bills.

Next, you need to consider the comfort and convenience of running these systems. Generally, boilers operate quietly and offer consistent heat in your home or business, they don’t easily react or respond to thermostat adjustments. Meanwhile, furnaces can adjust quickly to quick temperature changes.

Lastly, you have to think about repair and maintenance costs. Typically, boilers are easier and more affordable to maintain because of the absence of ductwork. However, leaks and frozen pipes are common repair concerns. Furnaces need regular maintenance because the ductwork has to stay clean and free of blockages.


When choosing a heating system in Harrison, AR, you should rely on the pros to steer you toward the right system for your home. Reach out to our experts at Advantage Air & Service for all your heating needs.