Buying a New A/C in Harrison, AR? 5 Things To Do

Buying a New A/C in Harrison, AR? 5 Things to Do


The summer may require you to buy a new cooling system, but it isn’t that easy. First off, when buying a new air conditioning unit, you need to be patient. Don’t get into rush when making decisions because when you make the wrong choice, it would be tough to justify ripping the new A/C out and buying a new one again.

Here’s a list of what to do when buying a new air conditioner.

Take It Slowly

As mentioned above, you don’t have to rush when buying a new system. Buying a new air conditioning unit is an expensive decision, so it is vital to take ample time to find the right unit that meets your exact needs and budget. In the meantime, while doing your research, handle the heat by using fans in cooling your home.

Talk to Several HVAC Contractors

A company that needs new staff should interview several applicants to find and hire the best one. The same principle is applied when finding the right HVAC contractor. You can begin your research by asking someone you know, perhaps from your family members or circle of friends, who purchased HVAC systems. Ask them also about their overall experience with their contractor.

Pick Out the Right Contractor

When you already have leads from a few local contractors, the next thing is to narrow it down and pick out the best one. One tip: choose a contractor that is willing to provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your comfort needs using industry standards. You can also request the contractor for your references, such as their previous customers. And as always, it’s best to check with your local Better Business Bureau.

Look Into Compatibility And Efficiency

The efficiency of a new A/C, measured by its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), refers to the amount of cooling it can deliver per watt of electricity. Keep in mind that a split-type air conditioner should have at least 13 SEER rating or 14 on hotter regions. Check both the SEER rating and the Energy Star Label as well. Energy Star symbolizes efficiency in air conditioning units. When you need a replacement, it’s advisable to bring in a professional contractor to evaluate your space.

Choose the Right Size

Size matters when purchasing a new A/C. Don’t fall into the idea that the bigger is a better choice because it isn’t always the case. An air conditioning unit that’s too big for your home is noisy and won’t dehumidify. Conversely, an air conditioner that is too small constantly works too hard, which can lead to premature breakdown and frequent repairs. If you’re not sure of the right size of the air conditioning unit for your building, don’t hesitate to call on a professional HVAC contractor.

Now that you have already decided to buy a new air conditioner, don’t be tempted to go into a rush when buying. Take time to identify your needs, do your research, and tap a reliable HVAC contractor in Harrison, AR for help.

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