Winter is Coming

Temperatures are beginning to get cooler. Although your home may feel comfortable during the daytime, at night, it might be chilly. So, you crank on your heater only to discover you might have a problem and need repairs from a furnace service company. From a broken thermostat to merely replacing filters, keeping your furnace running doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here are ten common furnace problems our technicians encounter regularly.

10 Common Furnace Problems

  1. Dirty Filters cause your furnace system to work harder. Overworking your system can lead to widespread damage to the limit switch and create higher energy costs. We recommend that you change your furnace filters every ninety days without pets and every sixty days with pets.
  2. Thermostats are responsible for regulating the temps in your home or office. When it malfunctions, it can lead to problems with the fan and comfort levels. Changing a thermostat can be a simple fix for the homeowner. However, call an A/C service and repair company if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself.
  3. A cracked heat exchanger is among the common furnace problems and a costly expense that’s preventable with regular furnace maintenance. We recommend a spring and fall inspection on all central HVAC systems. Invest in yearly packages to help keep your unit running smoothly and avoid the surprise of costly repairs.
  4. If your furnace is squealing or whining it could be that your blower belt is slipping or is frayed. Adjusting or replacing the belt will correct the problem.
  5. Electronic ignition or pilot control problems can make it difficult to heat a home or office. Drafts, clogs, and thermocouple problems may result in an unlit pilot light.
  6. Worn out ball bearings are among the most common furnace problems, especially in older units. If you hear scraping sounds, turn the furnace off immediately and call an expert.
  7. Do you have frequent cycling? If you have frequent cycling between “on” and “off” it’s not heating the air. Many things could cause this to happen. Call a furnace repair service to determine the cause.
  8. Your pilot light should be blue. If you notice it is yellow, call a professional immediately. A yellow pilot light could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.
  9. Does your unit blow continually? If yes, your limit switch could have gone bad and needs a replacement.
  10. Hearing weird sounds from your furnace is a sign that you may be dealing with common furnace problems associated with general mechanical issues, airflow reduction, or a clogged filter. Call a professional to clean the inside of the furnace regularly to avoid future mechanical problems.

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold

There’s nothing worse than waking up cold in the middle of the night because you’re having heating problems. It’s one thing if you only need to pull the covers up at night. It’s a whole other issue if your furnace is working poorly or not at all.

Advantage Air & Service understands that we are the last call you want to make. However, if you’re experiencing one of these common furnace problems, we can help. Contact us if you need routine maintenance or furnace replacement services. We are the heating and cooling company you can trust to prescribe what you need.