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Heater Installation Springdale, AR

Getting a new heater installation is a huge decision for your entire family. It represents a significant cost, which is why you should think about several important factors before you buy one. Advantage Air & Service will make the process much easier for you. We provide professional heater installation in Springdale, AR and the nearby areas.

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Factors to Consider When Getting a New Heater Installation

Local Climate

We know that it is almost always partly cloudy in the fourth largest city in the state—Springdale. On average, it gets 47 inches of rain per year and gets 99 days of winter, hail and sleet. All of these factors can affect the performance of any heater. The unit you choose should be able to withstand the demands and challenges presented by the local climate.

System Efficiency

With the cold and ever-changing weather in Springdale, you should also check how efficient will your heating system be. Understand that a percentage of the heat produced by any heater will result in heat loss during its energy conversion process.

Government experts have stated that the most efficient heaters are solar heating systems. However, we understand that not all homes can accommodate the use of solar energy.

That is especially true in Springdale, where you don’t always have plenty of sunlight the whole year. Talk to a trusted contractor to know which system suits your home best.

Size of the House

You should measure the square footage of every room that you want to warm up. You can call an experienced HVAC professional to come and help you determine the total floor area that needs to be heated and the appropriate type and model of the heater that suits that size.

Apart from that, a technician also needs to inspect the premises, as well. They will need to check the condition of the walls and insulation in the house. They will check potential causes of heat loss and make necessary recommendations to improve your home’s heating efficiency.

Quality and Age of the Ductwork

Getting a new heater installation in Springdale, AR is only one part of the equation if you want to remain comfortable during the colder months of the year. During the site visit, HVAC professionals will also inspect your home’s ductwork age and quality.

These contractors may recommend that you either upgrade or replace the ductwork in your house. The ductwork should be compatible with the new heating system that you want to install. If there are discrepancies, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Type of Heating Fuel

Different heating systems use different types of fuel. The most common types of fuel used by heaters today include coal, electricity, propane and gas.

Some people might think that getting an electric heater is the best option. However, even though it is the most convenient type of heater, it is also one of the most costly systems. Remember that electricity is not cheap and you will see a surge in your monthly energy bills.

Consider the type of fuel that is most cost-efficient. You should choose the type of heater installation based on the needs of your family.

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You should hire only the best HVAC professionals when you’re in the market for a new heater.

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