Heating and cooling solutions for an old home can be a challenge.  Many old homes (built before the standard use of air conditioning) lack the infrastructure required to accommodate the modern forced air conditioning systems. For this reason, a traditional central heating and cooling system won’t always be the best way to heat and cool it. Fortunately, though, you still have options. Here are a couple of excellent energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for an old home.

High-Velocity HVAC Systems

High-velocity systems work similarly to traditional HVAC units. Hot or cool air comes from a heating or cooling source and travels through the house entering through vents.

The similarities end there. Instead of using a large duct to deliver the air, high-velocity systems use very skinny tubing that is about three inches in diameter. Because of their smaller size, installers can easily run them over ceilings and through walls. The vents are also small which create less disruption in the interior aesthetics of the home.

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Ductless Mini-Split HVAC

Another heating and cooling solution for older houses is the ductless HVAC system. As the name suggests, this type of unit doesn’t require ductwork installation, which can be quite beneficial for your old house.

Ductless mini-split systems have an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. The interior handling unit mounts the wall (either high or low) or within the ceiling of the room. This type of system is a great option for zoned heating and cooling since each handler is controlled by a remote individually. You can adjust the temperature based on the use of the space which saves you money on unused areas of the home.

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Heating and Cooling Solutions for an Old House

Thankfully, today’s modern technology provides viable heating and cooling solutions for an old house. Now you can enjoy all the history and beauty of an older home and still achieve the temperature you desire without costing you an arm and a leg to stay comfortable!

Do you have an old home or thinking about purchasing a beautiful old home? If so, then you know that heating and cooling can be a challenge. If you’re looking for the best way to heat and cool an old home call the professionals at Advantage Air & Service. We will help you find the right solution for your home and your budget. (479) 361-8647