When it comes to hiring AC service and repair companies, hiring an experienced and reputable HVAC contractor  for your home or business is the first important decision you will make. It can also be the most difficult.

Some Homework Required

An improperly installed HVAC unit will cost you more money, energy, and provide you with less comfort year round. It will also decrease the performance and lifespan of your air conditioning and heating system. Some homework is required to ensure you are choosing the right AC installation company for the job.

For the cost you invest in a new central heat and air unit, we recommend you do a little research first before hiring an HVAC contractor.

7 Tips for Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Referrals are a great place to start.

Check around with friends and neighbors who already know a reputable HVAC contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience. If you don’t know anyone that can recommend a local AC repair company, check for quality of installation and job completion through online reviews. Or, check the Better Business Bureau.

Check their credentials.

What certifications do they have? The best contractors will have NATE certified technicians. Also, make sure the crew you hire has technicians with several years of experience, and that they assigned those technicians to your property.

Did they schedule an in-home evaluation?

If not, beware. A company offering you a quote over the phone without seeing your home or commercial space is not the company you want to hire. You could end up paying more for the job. Always expect a technician to do an onsite evaluation.

Ask for a home energy evaluation.

Reputable contractors should be able to perform a load calculation on the home or office. The load calculation determines the appropriately sized unit needed based on the required load to heat and cool the area properly. Larger isn’t always better. The type of windows, attic insulation, square footage, and direction of the sun facing your home or office factor into the required load and duct size needed.

Do ask for a written quote.

It should include the specifics of what is getting installed, repaired, overall costs, and time estimate before work even begins.

Don’t let the lowest price influence your decision. Some contractors may offer extremely low bids, but may not be considering all of the costs that go into the completing the job.

ENERGY STAR equipment.

Half of the energy consumed in your home is due to the HVAC equipment. The HVAC contractor you are considering should be up-to-date- on the latest technology and energy-saving equipment.


Choosing the right HVAC contractor for the job doesn’t have to be stressful. Trust your instincts when it comes to interviewing central air repair services and installation companies. And, if in doubt, get a second opinion if something doesn’t seem right. Ask questions as to why one thing might cost differently from one estimate to another.

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