Is window condensation cause for concern? It depends on where it accumulates.

Good Window Condensation

When the air outside is slightly humid and warmer than your window glass, it may result in condensation build-up on the outside of your windows. It can occur in warm or cold weather.

Condensation on the outside of your windows may be surprising, but external condensation is a good thing. It means that your windows aren’t allowing any heat transfer. If you see some fog on the outside of your windows, you can relax, your windows are doing a great job insulating your home.

However, it’s wise to check window sills and frames for moisture. If you find patches of condensation collecting inside your home due to gaps between the window and frame, it could indicate moisture inside your walls. Check for drafts around your windows to protect your walls from water damage.

Bad Window Condensation

Pay close attention to condensation forming on the inside of your windows. While interior condensation is likely a result of steam from showers or stove pots, it can indicate an above-average humidity level in the home. As excess of humidity may indicate a ventilation problem.

Excess moisture and collecting water can be damaging to your home and family’s health. In a home that’s not adequately ventilated, water vapor collects and has nowhere else to go. Therefore, it condenses on windows as well as furniture, carpets, and inside the walls. Moisture that can’t escape creates two issues:

  • It makes for a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew
  • It can cause the home to deteriorate. When wood absorbs water, it tends to soften, grow mold, or rot. When water dries on a metal surface, rust forms.

The effects of condensation can gradually compromise the integrity of your home. Over time, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage and health issues.

Combat Humidity Problems In Your Home

If you notice condensation building on the inside of your windows, it’s time to take action and control the humidity levels in your home. There are several ways you can reduce and control humidity in your home. Your best line of defense against high humidity levels in your home is with your central heating and cooling system.

If you’re struggling with inside window condensation due to humidity levels, you might consider having your A/C system serviced or replaced. Call a local A/C service and repair company like Advantage Air & Service to have your central HVAC evaluated. 479.361.8647