Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

Weather is quickly turning from winter to spring which means it is time to do a spring cleaning. Don’t forget to add your heating and cooling unit on the list. Winter weather can wreak havoc on central HVAC systems. Debris can leave the outdoor and indoor components in need of cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, using this spring HVAC maintenance checklist, you can prepare for the season and improve the energy efficiency of your residential AC unit.

Replace the Filter

Does your air filter make the cut? Your air filter is the first line of defense for filtering the air that circulates the home. One of the simplest items to add to your spring HVAC maintenance checklist is cleaning the air filter.

Clean Return Air Vent Grill

Cleaning the return vent grill should be on your spring HVAC maintenance schedule. Dust and dirt build up as air flows through the system.

  • Remove the grill or leave it installed to clean them.
  • Use a vacuum hose to suck off loose debris.
  • Use a rag over a butter knife to clean in between the grill spaces.

While you’re at it, it might be a good time to give all the vent grills in the house a good once over.

Clean Floor Registers

Dirt, pet hair, and other debris easily find their way into the floor registers of your home. Although you may vacuum over them regularly, it is a good idea to add a deep clean to your spring HVAC maintenance checklist.

  • Remove the vent from the floor. Be careful not to knock anything down into the exposed ductwork in the meantime.
  • Place the vent grill in soapy water. Use a brush or sponge to clean off dirt or rust on the cover as well as inside the vent.
  • Allow the vent grill to dry completely before reinstalling it.

Clean around your Air Conditioner Unit

Through the winter months, debris can build up on the exterior condenser unit. Debris around the unit can restrict airflow which causes comfort and performance issues. As part of your spring HVAC maintenance routine, remove any yard waste. Also, cut back any vegetation growth around the unit to prevent airflow problems before turning the AC unit on for the season. For more tips on how to clean the outside unit, read here.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning

Your central heating and air conditioning unit can accumulate quite a bit of debris and dirt in the blower compartment, the ducts, the condenser unit, and other components of the system. When this happens, it can lower the system’s performance and efficiency. It can also blow dirt back into your living areas diminishing your air quality. Spring HVAC maintenance plans with a professional HVAC contractor are crucial to your unit’s longevity and efficiency. Make scheduled home air conditioner maintenance a priority on your spring to-do-list.

Call Advantage Air & Service, a trusted local AC repair company, to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance.

Also, ask about our air duct cleaning services and how it improves air quality and performance of your heating and cooling system.