The central HVAC system accounts for the most substantial part of your home’s energy bill. Would it surprise you that most homes energy waste is through inefficient use of their heating and cooling unit? That’s where zone control systems can help. First, let’s talk about what zoning is, then we can discuss the benefits.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is a type of temperature control that uses several thermostats throughout the home that wire into one control panel that works with your home’s ductwork via the forced-air system. The thermostats read what the specific zone temperature is, then opens and closes dampers within the ductwork to adjust the temperature in that particular area.

What are the Benefits of a Zone Control System?

We’ve covered what zoning is. Now, let’s see how it can benefit you.

Saves Money

When appropriately used, zone control systems can save you money on utility bills. By allowing the heating and cooling unit to adjust the temperature according to usage, you can avoid overheating or overcooling various areas of your home and wasting energy.

For example, do you love to have a cold bedroom while you sleep, but want the rest of the house to be warmer? Zoning can help make this happen and translates into significant savings since each zone heats and cools independently from the other areas.

Reduces Wear

Zoning reduces the wear and tear on your central HVAC system. Zone control systems don’t have to work as hard to adjust the temperature of your home. It will only provide air conditioning or heat for the spaces you choose which helps your furnace and air conditioning to last longer.


Installing a zone control system provides you with the technology you want to stay comfortable in any room in your home year-round. It’s especially helpful for multi-level homes or houses with additions such as a garage apartment or a sunroom. 

 Watch here to learn more about zoning.

Benefits Almost Any Home

Zoning is beneficial for almost any home. Are you considering replacing your HVAC unit? Could you benefit from a zone control system? We’re happy to talk to you about how many zones you’ll need according to the layout. We can help you decided what type of system is best for your family within your budget. Call our Advantage Air & Service professionals at (479) 361-8647.

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